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Henrietta Henley
born 00/00/1710 in New Kent Co, VA
died 00/00/1758

- - - 
Henrietta, the daughter of Leonard Henley, was the widow of Richard Henderson when she chose to marry Clayton Cooke, a younger man. She transferred the 250 acres Richard had left her to her three young sons, "for the natural love I have for my sons Samuel, James, and Nathan Henderson, and for their better advancement in the world..." It was specified that Nathan would receive the plantation on which she had lived. Unfortunately, Nathan, who was about four years old when his father Richard died, passed away when he was no more than 13 years old. The land was all sold to Charles Lee, Clayton and Henrietta selling Nathan's share by deed dated 27 February 1754.

Spouse ~ Clayton Cooke
born 1720 in Virginia
James Cook, b-1749
      - Major John Cook b-1778

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