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John Tarleton
born 1610 in
- - - 
The Tarletons appear in the family trees of Rev. George M. C. Okes and also his wife, Martha Sue Criner Okes. In both genealogies there is a Judith Tarleton, connected with Flemings, but the two women are born several generations apart. The Tarleton family roots include a Captain Edward Tarleton, a captain in Cromwell's navy. After the Civil War in England, he left for Barbados, and the family interests in the West Indies began, although Edward later returned and became Mayor of Liverpool. The family had trade interests in the Chesapeake, New England, and Newfoundland, as well as the Caribbean. They dealt in many cargoes including human slaves. By 1722, Thomas Tarleton was delivering slaves to Antigua. There is the record of a slave ship named Banastre, which was lost, and so another "Banastre" was commissioned.

Stephen Tarleton, b-1637
      - Judith Tarleton (Woodson) b-1655

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