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John Ingram
born 1675 in
- - - 
John Ingram was in Baltimore Co, MD, by Sept. 10, 1698, when he witnessed the Joseph Pettibone will. Seven years later, on Sept. 3, 1705, in St. Margaret's Parish, he married Mary Homewood, a widow, who was the daughter of John Peasley. Their seven children included our Benjamin, James, John, Peasley, Dorcas, Hannah, and William. John's will is listed in Maryland's Calendar of Wills 1732-1738.

Genealogists have convincing proof that the sons of John Ingram came from Baltimore Co, MD, to Orange County, NC in a migration of families who were close to one another. The eastern area of Baltimore Co, MD. where the Ingrams had lived became Harford County in 1773,located at the headwaters of Chesapeake Bay along the Susquehanna River. Orange County, NC, where the Ingrams moved became Caswell Co, NC in 1777. On Nov. 21, 1770, Benjamin Ingram, planter, sold 100 acres of Maryland land called Michael's Chance to Corbin Lee for 138 pounds. Between 1770 and 1772, Benjamin and Susannah and other families moved to what would become Caswell Co, NC. On May 26, 1772. we find the first evidence of Benjamin residing in NC. He witnessed the will of Isaac Wright, the man who sold land to Corbin Lee in Baltimore Co, MD, two days before Benjamin and Susannah sold their land. Ingram men were the bondsmen for four Wright marriages in Caswell, indicating the strong connection between the families. The families who migrated together included the Miles, Slade, Wright, Poteet, Richardson, Quine, and the Ingram families.

Spouse ~ Mary Peasley
born 1680
married 1705
Benjamin Ingram, b-1705
      - James Ingram b-1732

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