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William Quine
Elizabeth Unknown ( Quine )
Susannah Quine, (Ingram)
born 1720 in Baltimore Co, Maryland
- - - 
Benjamin and Susannah married January 5, 1742. She is sometimes listed as Susannah Coin, which may have been an attempt to spell the name Quine. Genealogists believe there is strong evidence that she is Susannah Quine, daughter of William and Elizabeth Quine, and stepdaughter of Walter James. The 1786 tax list of Caswell Co, NC shows three Quines. Quine is a very rare name. It would be extremely coincidental for these Quines in Caswell Co, NC not to be the same Quines in Baltimore Co, MD. Several other Caswell records show Quine and Ingram together. For example, John Ingram and Charlton Ingram were buyers at the estate sale of William Quine in 1800. William Quine also witnessed deeds for both James and Charlton Ingram in Caswell Co.

Walter James had been one of the bondmen on the administration of the estate of Mary Peasley Ingram (Benjamin's mother). Walter married Elizabeth Quine after the death of her husband. Susannah received a valuable inheritance from her stepfather (Walter James) of cattle and slaves. Evidently her mother, Elizabeth, was already dead and thus not mentioned in his will. Susannah's siblings included Jane Quine, born 1713 in Baltimore Co, MD., and married to William Ditteau (Ditto) from a French Huguenot family, and William Quine, Jr.and his wife Martha, who is thought to have been an Ingram.

Spouse ~ Benjamin Ingram
born 1705
married 1742
James Ingram, b-1732
      - John Ingram b-1757

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