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Ruth Unknown, (House)
born 00/00/1770 in
died 09/00/1845

- - - 
In early records, the last name of Nimrod, husband of Ruth, is spelled Hous. Why were her last two sons given the middle name of Gatewood? Was she the mother of all Nimrod's children? In her will, Ruth calls Kitty House Irvine her "daughter."
Ruth's will, first of all, frees her slaves and leaves them specific bequests of farm animals, household furnishings and farming equipment. Then she divides the household and personal items left among her five daughters. Evidently, the two youngest sons, Fleming and Fielding already have all the property and money, as Nimrod bequeathed to them because they were dutiful sons, obedient to his wishes.

Spouse ~ Nimrod House
born 1766
married ????
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