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William Cary
born 00/00/1492 in
died 03/00/1572

- - - 
Although William's first son, William, moved to London as a cloth worker, William's second son, Richard, our ancestor, remained in Bristol along with successive generations of Carys until Miles Cary emigrated to Virginia in 1645.

William was Sheriff of Bristol, England, the King's chief officer of law in that county. He carried out the King's orders, summoning juries, making criminal inquiries, and, in time of war, raising men to fight from his county. He did not hunt down peasants to force payment of taxes. That was the Bailiff's job. He would visit several towns in one day, having proclamations declared, attending executions, serving as judge on some cases, or tracking criminals. This made him a very powerful person and relatively wealthy. He probably had a fortified manor house or a large townhouse.

William died in Bristol and was buried March 28, 1572, at St. Nicholas Church.

Richard Cary, b-1515
      - William Cary b-1550

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