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William Cary

Richard Cary
born 00/00/1515 in Bristol, England
died 06/00/1570

- - - 
His first wife was Anne (last name unknown). She was the mother of his son William (our ancestor), Richard was a merchant, probably quite prosperous. He was buried June 17, 1570, at St. Nicholas Church, Bristol, England. All the Carys were baptized, married, and buried at St. Nicholas which had been founded before 1154 with a chancel extending over the south gate of the city. The gate and old church were demolished centuries later to make way for the rebuilding of Bristol Bridge. The church was rebuilt a hundred years after Miles Cary emigrated to Warwick CO, VA. It was badly damaged in the German blitz of WWII in 1940, rebuilt in the 1970's, and used for civic purposes today.

Spouse ~ Anne Unknown
born 1520
William Cary, b-1550
      - John Cary b-1583

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