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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Thomas Beverley
b-1550 in Beverley, Yorkshire, England
Elizabeth Vincent (Beverley)
b-1552 in Yorkshire
Henry Fairfax, Lord
b-1538 in Steeton Castle, Yorkshire
Dorothy Aske ( Fairfax )
Robert Beverly
b-1572 in Selby, Yorkshire, England
Frances Fairfax ( Beverly )
b-1576 in Billboro, Yorkshire
Peter Beverly
born 00/00/1610 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
died 09/00/1650

- - - 
Peter was elected "a free Burgess of St. Mary's Parish in the borough of Hull." Peter and his wife Susannah had five children, including Jane, Philip, Henry, Anne, and our ancestor Robert. It is said that the Beverly family can trace its lineage back to the time of King John. One family member in the early 1400's should receive special attention. He was Sir John Beverly, a priest, who actively worked to get the English Bible into the hands of the people. The authorities of that day called reading the Bible in the mother tongue "the greatest of crimes," and accused Sir John of "high treason against the Pope." The judgment: "Confiscation and burning of the man himself to ashes." In 1413, Sir John Beverly and 38 others, "most of these gentlemen by birth, were condemned for heresy, and burnt in St. Giles' Fields."

Spouse ~ Susannah Hollis
born 1613 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
Major Robert Beverley, b-1641
      - Mary Beverley (Langhorne) b-1678

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