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Okes-Hanson Family
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 John Anderson Criner
b-1740 in German Colony, Pennsylvania
Rebecca McClure (Criner)
b-1761 in York Co, PA
Robert McCain
b-1759 in North Carolina
Jane Unknown ( McCain )
b-1772 in North Carolina
Isaac Criner
b-1783 in Hawkins County, Tennessee
Nancy McCain ( Criner )
b-1791 in Tennessee
William Calvin Criner
born 11/18/1823 in Shady Hill, Madison Co, AL
died 11/25/1864

- - - 
Isaac Mac's older brother, known as Calvin, served the Confederacy as Second Lieutenant in Company F in the 27th Alabama Infantry (from the New Market Rebels). At the Battle of Fort Donelson his regiment and others were taken captive. After six months in a Yankee prison camp he was exchanged at Vicksburg. In a letter written Sept. 6, 1862, he writes, "I have been disappointed so often that I have learned not to fret or complain about things over which I have no control....I think being in the army where I am associated with all sorts of men has not changed me much. I hope I have become no worse but some wiser. This is a great school...How this war will terminate, God only knows!" He was killed in Georgia, fighting against Sherman in his infamous "March to the Sea." The report was that he fell from his horse, mortally wounded.

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