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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Alexander Erwin Irvine
b-1570 in Drum Castle, Scotland
Marion Margaret Douglas (Irvine)
b-1570 in Lochleven Castle
John Scrimgeour
b-1570 in Dudhope Castle, Dundee
Margaret Seton ( Scrimgrour )
Alexander Irvine
b-1590 in Drum Castle
Magdalene Scrimgeour ( Irvine )
b-1595 in Dudhope Castle
Alexander Irvine
born 00/00/1619 in Drum Castle
died 00/00/1687

- - - 
Alexander, his young wife, Mary "Marie" Gordon, and his brother Robert attempted to escape the vengeful might of the Covenanters by sailing to Ireland (where Robert had fled earlier before the King called him back), but heavy seas and his wife's acute seasickness caused them to return to land where they were captured by the earl of Caithness, and the two men sent to the dungeons of the Tolbooth at Edinburgh. Robert died, but Alexander survived under sentence of death until he was set free after Montrose's victory. Drum Castle had been completely ransacked and the women of the castle ill-treated. During the war the castle was twice captured, four times garrisoned, and severely ravaged. Animals had been killed, crops ruined, silver, jewelry and furniture stolen and its prosperity destroyed. When young Alexander, the 11th laird succeeded to his estates, he was offered a peerage "Earl of Aberdeen" by King Charles II. He turned down the honor when the king refused to provide financial compensation for damage done to the Drum estate while supporting his cause. After his aristocratically aloof wife died in his later years, Alexander spotted a young shepherdess on his estates 47 years his junior. 16 year old Mary Coutts was not one to sell her virtue short so, despite general disapproval, the two were married and the old laird enjoyed six years of bliss before dying. This story is recorded in the traditional ballad "The Laird of Drum."

Spouse ~ Marie Gordon
born 1623
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