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 Alexander (Robert) Irvine
b-1385 in Drum Castle

Alexander Irvine

Alexander Irvine
born 1425 in
- - - 
He was a grandson of the 4th Laird (Robert) and was described in documents of the times as "stout and vitious." His behavior was, indeed, vicious. Despite being Sheriff of Aberdeen, he made furtive night attacks on Walter Lindsay and was sent to prison for it. 17 years later, he ambushed and killed two men, for which he later paid compensation. Finding his chaplain flagrante delicto with his wife, he had the man castrated in the Tower of Drum. For this he received a royal pardon from James II on July 19, 1487.

Spouse ~ Elizabeth Forbes
born 1433
married 1453
Alexander Irvine, b-1465
      - Alexander Irvine b-1500

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