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 Alexander Irvine

Alexander Irvine

Alexander (Robert) Irvine
born 00/00/1385 in Drum Castle
died 00/00/1457

- - - 
Robert Irvine (changed to Alexander) married Elizabeth Delaware Keith, in an arranged marriage intended to end the feud of their forefathers. It is reported that he exchanged swords with the son of Red Hector, his brother's adversary, in token of peace between their families. He was also an important figure in the London negotiations (1424) to ransom the young King James I of Scotland who had been held captive there by the English for 18 years. He was knighted by the grateful king after his eventual release and attended him at the Inverness Parliament. He was known as "William Robert Alexander de Irwyn." When James I was murdered, he was chosen to be Governor of Aberdeen. In his later years he built St. Ninian's Chantry in St. Nicholas Church, Aberdeen, and in 1457 was buried there with his wife in Drum's Aisle.

Spouse ~ Elizabeth Delaware Keith
born 1395 in Kincardineshire
Alexander Irvine, b-1405
      - Alexander Irvine b-1425

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