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 Alexander Irvine

Alexander Irvine

Alexander Irvine
born 00/00/1380 in
died 00/00/1411

- - - 
This laird supported the Earl of Mar, the Stewart General, and followed him to the French wars where he (Alexander Irvine) was a commander in the successful but bloody capture of Liege. On the eve of the battle Alexander was knighted and given additional lands by Mar. Because his brother Robert later succeeded him, both brothers were numbered as the 4th laird of Drum. Here is how it happened: On July 24,1411 the two Irvine brothers rode to the Battle of Harlaw, a fierce Scottish clan battle, just 20 miles north of Drum, fighting Donald Macdonald, Lord of the Isles, who had brought a large army to challenge the royal authority. At some point in the battle Sir Alexander Irvine met one of the senior chiefs of the opposing army, MacLean of Duart, Red Hector of the battles. History says, "The two great warriors locked in single combat; neither would yield and in the end both died, still fighting each other." Alexander's son also died. Robert Irvine survived the battle and became the next Laird of Drum, changing his name to Alexander.

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