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Okes-Hanson Family
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William de Irwin
b-1260 in Lochmaben, Bonshaw

Alexander Irvine
born 1300 in
- - - 
It was in the lifetime of this man, William's son, that a bitter feud arose with near neighbors, the Keiths, who were hereditary Marshals of Scotland. Legend has it that when one of the Irvine children was killed in the field, the Irvines burnt down Halforest Castle, stronghold of the Keiths. There were pitched battles at Keith's Muir, near the Dee. Through the years Irvine men married women of the Keith clan, perhaps in an effort to resolve the feud.

Alexander Irvine, b-1340
      - Alexander Irvine b-1380
      - Alexander (Robert) Irvine b-1385

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