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John Scrimgeour
born 1570 in Dudhope Castle, Dundee
- - - 
This unusual name is believed to come from the old French word for "Fencing Master" plus the old high German word "skirmer" which meant "to defend." The name was first found in Fife. The Clan held the position of Hereditary Standard Bearers. By 1298 Alexander had adopted the name "Skimeschur" and held a charter for lands near the Dundee, granted by Sir William Wallace, Guardian of the Kingdom. Along with the lands came the title of Constable of the Castle of Dundee, a hereditary office for the Scrimgeours. Eight years later Alexander Scrimgeour was taken prisoner of war and was hung at Newcastle-on-Tyne on the express orders of Edward I. The family motto was a war cry.

Spouse ~ Margaret Seton
born 1575
Magdalene Scrimgeour ( Irvine ), b-1595
      - Alexander Irvine b-1619
      - Robert Erwin Irvine b-1620

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