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 Roger Shackelford
b-1629 in Essex, England
Mary Palmer (Shackelford)
b-1635 in Hampshire, Essex, England

Francis Shackelford
b-1664 in Essex, VA
Sarah Virginia Lewis ( Shackelford )
b-1669 in Virginia
Roger Shackelford
born 00/00/1700 in King and Queen Co, VA
died 12/24/1779

- - - 
The American branch of the Shackelfords is generally believed to have descended from Baron Jacques-le-Forte, who was a nobleman in Normandy and an officer in the army of William the Conqueror, when he overran England in 1066. William the Conqueror granted him land, and this land became the ancestral seat of the family in Godalming Parish, Surry County, England (about 39 miles northwest of London) [actually SW]. The town was called Shackelford Village, but in 1620 it passed from the Shackelfords to the Earl of Middleton. (The name appears in old records with the spelling "Shackleford" as well as "Shackelford.")

Henry de Shackelford was a Gentleman in Waiting for Henry V circa 1390. William de Shackelford was a descendant of Henry. He joined the Huguenots in 1550 and moved to France, where he was in the army of Navarre (1553-1610). He later left France and settled in the Netherlands, where he and his wife (name not known) died. His son (name not known) returned to England, where he joined the army of Charles I (1600-1649). (Information provided by: J. D. Brittingham

Spouse ~ Carey Baker
born 1714 in Halifax Co, Virginia
Richard Nunn Shackelford, b-1750
      - Margaret Shackelford (Cook) b-1778
      - James P. Shackelford b-1780

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