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William Clark
born 02/06/1611 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England
died 07/22/1681

- - - 
Clarke came to Hartford, Connecticut in 1639. In 1659 he was fined ten pounds by the court for trading liquors to the Indians. In his will, he left his daughter Elizabeth Clarke Welles "8 worth of my land." A special bequest was given to his grandchild Daniel Hubbard which specified, "I do give 40 acres of Land in my second Division of Machamodus, and a 50 Freehold or Right in the undivided lands. It is my Will that he be learned to read & to write." He was left in the care of William's wife Katherine or his eldest son Thomas "in case my son Hubbard make trouble about him." Daniel Hubbard (son-in-law) was left 5 shillings.

Spouse ~ Katherine Bunce
born 1620
Elizabeth Clark ( Wells ), b-1651
      - Mary Wells (Arnold) b-1670

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