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John Jude
born 00/00/1708 in Virginia
died 11/00/1781

- - - 
Researchers tell us that "Jude" was frequently used as a pet form of the personal name Jordan (from the Hebrew Yarad, to go down or descend i.e. to the Dead Sea.) This name was given especially to the children of Crusaders to commemorate their fathers' journey to the River Jordan. For example, Hugo filius (son of) Jude was recorded in the 1193 "Pipe Rolls of Lincolnshire." Herueus Judas appeared in "The Pipe Rolls of Cambridgshire" (1191). The marriage of Elizabeth Jude and William Williams took place in St. Bride's Fleet Street, London, in 1327. The first recorded spelling of the family name is that of William Jude which was dated 1211 in "The Curia Regis Rolls of Devonshire" during the reign of King John.

Spouse ~ Mary Hughes
born 1719 in Virginia
married 1746
George Jude, Sr., b-1746
      - Mary Ann Jude (Douglass) b-1774

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