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Okes-Hanson Family
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 William Strong
b-1640 in Kent, England
Mary Webster (Strong)
b-1650 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

John Strong
b-1675 in New Kent, VA
Martha Sherwood ( Strong )
b-1675 in Virginia
John Strong, Jr.
born 11/13/1698 in St., Peter's, New Kent, VA
died 09/00/1751

- - - 
Note that the birth date listed is actually the date of his baptism. John Strong, Jr., and his wife Mary had nine children: Martin, Sherwood, John III, William, Nathaniel (our ancestor), Martha, Elizabeth, Matt, and Sarah. Two of the girls married men who were "Long Hunters"--frontiersmen and fighters who were often away from home. One of them, Samuel Crowley, was killed in Lord Dunsmore's War which is considered the first battle of the Revolution, thus, he is considered the first casualty of that war, and a monument is erected to his memory. John, Jr., died in St. Martin's Parish, Hanover, VA.

Spouse ~ Mary Martin
born 1702
married 1730
Nathaniel Strong, b-1744
      - George Strong b-1773

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