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Michael Garthwaite
born 00/00/1628 in Middle Plantation, VA
died 00/00/1691

- - - 
Michael missed the Indian massacre by just six years. In 1622, when the Powhatan Indians rose up to kill as many English in the outlying plantations as possible, their plan almost succeeded. At Martin's Hundred, at Wolstenholme Towne, 73 settlers were slain in the surprise attack, and the settlement deserted. Nearly 400 English were killed in all of Virginia. In 1623, Englishmen began building a palisade across Virginia, and on a healthful well-drained ridge, almost free of mosquitoes, they planned a settlement to be called Middle Plantation. This was where Michael was born. It represented the first major inland settlement for the colony, and would become the new Capital of Virginia Colony in 1699. It was soon renamed Williamsburg in honor of King William III. Michael did not live to see "Middle Plantation" so honored. He died in 1691 in Henrico Co, VA., at the age of 63. Henrico Co was one of the original Virginia shires of 1634.

Spouse ~ Amy Unknown
born 1629 in Henrico Co, VA
married 1647
Samuel Garthwaite, b-1649
      - Elizabeth Garthright (Hobson) b-1690

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