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 John Hawkins
b-1450 in Tavistock, Devon
Joan Amados (Hawkins)
b-1465 in Launceton, Devon

William Hawkins
b-1485 in Plymouth
Joan Trelawney ( Hawkins )
b-1512 in Plymouth
Sir John Hawkins
born 00/00/1532 in Plymouth, England
died 00/00/1595

- - - 
Admiral Hawkins was patriarch of the "Sea Dogs" underQueen Elizabeth I and served 48 years in her Majesty's Royal Navy. During his remarkable voyages he gathered potatoes at "Spanish Santa Fe," introducing them into England in 1564 for the first time. They were first planted in Ireland on Raleigh's estate. He traded with the French in Florida where he records the discovery of tobacco. It was probably Hawkins rather than Raleigh who introduced tobacco into England in 1564. In 1573 John was made Treasurer and Comptroller of the Navy, and he created for Queen Elizabeth the most powerful Navy in the world. Against the enormous Spanish armada invading England (which carried an army of 21,555 soldiers aboard, while England had none), England had only 38 vessels, but due to Sir John, they had no match in the world for speed, safety, and endurance. He had them constructed on a new principle with high sterns and forecastles lowered, keels lengthened and lines finer and sharper. Nettings had been fitted to repulse attack by boarders. In 1588 following the Armada defeat, John with Sir Francis Drake, instituted the "Chest of Chatham", a charity to aid those maimed or wounded in service and funded by the sailors themselves. Sir John endowed, at his own cost, a hospital at Chatham for poor mariners and shipwrights. In 1593, Sir John's only son Richard was imprisoned by the Spaniards, and Sir John with Sir Francis Drake went to sea once more to rescue him, but the voyage was a calamitous failure, ending with the death of both Hawkins and Drake, and a nation mourning the loss of the greatest sea officers in all of Europe.

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