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Okes-Hanson Family
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William Amados
b-1440 in Plymouth, England
Margaret Hawkins ( Amados )
b-1440 in Plymouth
John Hawkins
b-1450 in Tavistock, Devon
Joan Amados ( Hawkins )
b-1465 in Launceton, Devon
William Hawkins
born 1485 in Plymouth
- - - 
William was a sea captain highly favored by King Henry VIII and a man of great wealth, owning considerable property in Plymouth, serving as its mayor, and later in Parliament. He was one of the first explorers to Brazil, and even brought the local king back to visit the English court. By the mid-1530's, Plymouth had become a Protestant center, a headquarters for the Huguenots from which they attacked the Spanish, and William himself was a strong Puritan. His son, Sir Admiral John Hawkins, became one of the most important men of the age under Queen Elizabeth.

Spouse ~ Joan Trelawney
born 1512 in Plymouth
Sir John Hawkins, b-1532
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