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Joanna Lurvewdebirs, (Tabb)
born 00/00/1610 in England
died 00/00/1662

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They were married at Fivehead, Somerset, England, no doubt in St. Martin's Church from the 13th century which is pictured online at a Fivehead site. The name Fivehead came from the name of a Domesday Manor.

As Humphrey Tabb's widow, Joanna executed a deed to "Richard Hull, guardian of Thomas Tabb, son of Humphrey Tabb, dec. Joanna died in 1662 in Elizabeth City, VA. That year the grant of 900 acres to Humphrey Tabb was re-entered in the name of Thomas Tabb, "son and Heir of Humphrey Tabb, dec."

Spouse ~ Sir Humphrey Tabb
born 1609 in Somersetshire, England
married 1646
Thomas Tabb, b-1647
      - Capt. Edward Tabb b-1678

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