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William Whitby
b-1612 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
Ruth Gorsuch ( Whitby )
b-1618 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
Mary Whitby Keeble, (Beverley)
born 06/03/1637 in
died 06/28/1678

- - - 
Mary's maiden name was Whitby. She had had an earlier marriage to George Keeble,and seven children with him before she was widowed at the age of 29. On April Fool's Day, 1666, Mary and Robert Beverly wed in Jamestown, Middlesex CO, VA. During the 12 years of their marriage, they prospered and added five more children to those from her first marriage. Her death evidently was connected with the birth of her daughter Mary in June, 1678. When she died at age 41, she was buried under the floor of the lower church of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex,VA. During a renovation many years later, her tomb was found and the inscription could still be read. It included this salute to her:
"A Careful Mother teaching Virtuous Life
Happy and making happy when a wife,
Religious to Example, May all strive
To imitate her virtues whilst alive."

Spouse ~ Major Robert Beverley
born 1641 in Beverley, Yorkshire
married 1666
Mary Beverley ( Langhorne ), b-1678
      - Lockey Langhorne (Tabb) b-1723

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