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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Robert Beverly
b-1572 in Selby, Yorkshire, England
Frances Fairfax (Beverly)
b-1576 in Billboro, Yorkshire
Robert Hollis
b-1598 in Nottingham

Peter Beverly
b-1610 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
Susannah Hollis ( Beverly )
b-1613 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
Major Robert Beverley
born 00/00/1641 in Beverley, Yorkshire
died 03/15/1687

- - - 
He was christened Jan. 5, 1643 at St. Mary Lowgate, Hull, England.
He is the progenitor of the Beverly family in Virginia, immigrating to Jamestown in 1663 where he married Mary Whitby Keeble on April's Fool Day, 1666. He acquired 50,000 acres and became a leading tobacco planter, attorney, and militia officer. He was the Justice of Middlesex Co, elected to the House of Burgesses, and commanded the Virginia forces under Governor Berkeley. He was placed in charge of the fortifications of the three main rivers of Virginia in 1681 along with Capt. John Langhorne. His plantation home was called "Barn Elms." He had seven stepchildren and five children with his wife, Mary Whitby Keeble, and after her death he married Catherine Hone and had more children. One son was born after his death. He was only 45 or 46 when he died, but he had led a full life and a courageous, although tempestuous, political life in Virginia. His fellow colonists in Middlesex always supported him, and he was a forerunner of those in the next century who would win their freedom in the American Revolution. He died at "Blandfield" in Middlesex CO, VA and was buried Mar. 19, 1687, in Jamestown.

Spouse ~ Mary Whitby Keeble
born 1637
married 1666
Mary Beverley ( Langhorne ), b-1678
      - Lockey Langhorne (Tabb) b-1723

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