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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Peter Beverly
b-1610 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
Susannah Hollis (Beverly)
b-1613 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
William Whitby
b-1612 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
Ruth Gorsuch ( Whitby )
b-1618 in Hull, Yorkshire, England
Major Robert Beverley
b-1641 in Beverley, Yorkshire
Mary Whitby Keeble ( Beverley )
Mary Beverley, (Langhorne)
born 1678 in Middlesex County, VA
- - - 
Mary was the 12th child in the Beverley home. Her mother died soon after her birth. To understand her marriage at age 41 to John Langhorne (who was 17 years younger), we need to know the three rules for marriage in colonial Virginia. 1: The elite families were very much into class structure so that intermarriage among the elites was a requirement. 2: Marriages to the widowed were no problem. 3: Money and real estate holdings counted hugely.

As for elite status, John Langhorne’s grandfather, Capt. John Langhorne, and Mary’s father, Maj. Robert Beverley, had been close friends and colleagues, both owning vast tobacco plantations with fine homes in early Virginia. Together with William Byrd they had been responsible for fortifying the major rivers of the colony from attack.

As for wealth and real estate, Mary had married William Jones III in 1694 when she was only 16. He had inherited large landholdings from his father, Capt. William Jones, who was a member of the House of Burgess. All this made her a desirable catch as a widow.

Despite her age, Mary became the mother of three children: two successful sons, Maj. Maurice Langhorne II and Maj. William Langhorne, and one daughter, Lockey Langhorne, who was a sought after heiress with the highest social status and wealth to boot.

Spouse ~ John Langhorne
born 1695 in Warwick Co VA
married 1719
Lockey Langhorne ( Tabb ), b-1723
      - Martha Tabb (Douglass) b-1753

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