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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Capt. John Langhorne
b-1640 in Pembrokeshire, England
Rebecca Carter (Langhorne)
b-1642 in Bristol, England
Henry Cary
b-1650 in Warwick Co VA
Judith Lockey ( Cary )
b-1652 in York, VA
Maurice Langhorne
b-1670 in Warwick Co, VA
Anne Cary ( Langhorne )
John Langhorne
born 00/00/1695 in Warwick Co VA
died 00/00/1767

- - - 
When his father Maurice died at age 28, John was only three years old. He was raised by his maternal grandparents, Henry and Judith Lockey Cary, at their great plantation, "The Forest." Until John Langhorne III reached his majority, the Harrison family operated "Gambell" Plantation. In 1719 John, anxious for his own personal success, took over Gambell and married Mary Beverly of Middlesex County,daughter of Capt. John Langhorne's old friend and contemporary, Maj. Robert Beverly. John III became the Hon. John Langhorne, serving as a Justice of the Peace, a member of the House of Burgesses, Sheriff of Warwick County, and Presiding Justice of Warwick County from 1749 till 1762. In addition to his political duties, John continued to expand his land holdings by purchasing new plantations in Chesterfield County and was also a highly successful merchant, following in his grandfather's tradition. John and Mary had three children. Their only daughter Lockey, named after Judith Lockey, the wife of Capt. Henry Cary, and mother of Anne Cary, was successfully courted by Thomas Tabb. Lockey's considerable dowry helped to establish the Tabb family as members of the Tidewater elite. Their two sons became famous and wealthy in their own right: Maj. Maurice Langhorne, who owned thousands of acres in Cumberland County,and Maj. William Langhorne, who held possession of the Warwick County estates and married a cousin of George Washington who was the daughter of the wealthy Yorktown merchant, Col. Henry Scarsbrook. Her great-great grandfather Capt. Nichiolas Martiau who owned the plantation that later was turned into Yorktown. Maj. William Langhorne was an aide-de-camp to the Marquis de Lafayette. His service to the Revolution has been commemorated on a memorial in Williamsburg.

Spouse ~ Mary Beverley
born 1678 in Middlesex County, VA
Lockey Langhorne ( Tabb ), b-1723
      - Martha Tabb (Douglass) b-1753

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