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Capt. John Langhorne
b-1640 in Pembrokeshire, England
Rebecca Carter ( Langhorne )
b-1642 in Bristol, England
Maurice Langhorne
born 00/00/1670 in Warwick Co, VA
died 00/00/1698

- - - 
As the sole heir of John Langhorne, Maurice Langhorne inherited a huge estate. At age 20 he married Anne Cary of "The Forest." Anne was the daughter of Capt. Henry Cary, a planter who was well known as the master builder of Williamsburg. The marriage was a good one, for the Carys were one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the Virginia Colony. In 1695, Maurice and Ann had their only child whom they named John Langhorne. Within three short years Maurice died, and young John was sent to "The Forest" to be raised by his maternal grandparents, Henry and Judith Lockey Cary. Anne Cary soon remarried a member of another prominent Tidewater family, Benjamin Harrison III. Until John Langhorne III reached his majority, the Harrison family operated "Gambell" plantation, while John lived in the polite atmosphere of the Cary plantation. But that would change.

Spouse ~ Anne Cary
born 1674
married ????
John Langhorne, b-1695
      - Lockey Langhorne (Tabb) b-1723

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