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Okes-Hanson Family
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John Leacock
b-1670 in Trenton, NJ

Joseph Lacock
born 00/00/1696 in Trenton, NJ
died 00/00/1760

- - - 
The site of Trenton at the falls of the Delaware River was a settlement of Quaker immigrants from Yorkshire, England, referred to before 1679 as "the Yorkshire Tenth." Joseph's family came there from Lancashire, England. When Joseph was 12, he was reported by the Quakers for misbehaving. Quakers could be rebuked for dancing, singing, or wearing bright clothing; for drinking alcohol in public, courting a non-Quaker, or attending a non-Quaker service. At some point, he and his family became believers in Jesus Christ and members of the Baptist church. His daughter Sarah married Jonathan Stark, and the Starks and Lacocks emigrated together in search of religious freedom.

Spouse ~ Sarah Moore
born 1698 in Trenton, NJ
Sarah Lacock ( Stark ), b-1720
      - John Stark b-1754

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