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Okes-Hanson Family
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John Oakes, Sr.
b-1640 in England
Hannah Ford ( Oakes )
John Oakes, Jr.
born 00/00/1670 in York County, VA
died 00/00/1730

- - - 
He had a land grant of 360 acres in King William Co for the transportation of eight persons into the Virginia colony. His property landmarks included: a knotty red Oake corner tree, a small Hiccory, a white Oake down and rotten, a Corner red Oake, a corner Maple, a Corner Sassafrax by the run of Bryery branch. He and his wife Rachel had three sons, William, Charles, and Thomas, and two daughters, Mary Margaret and Sarah.

Spouse ~ Rachel Rawlings
born 1681 in Caroline Co, Virginia
married 1709
William Oakes, b-1715
      - Daniel Oakes b-1757

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