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John Ingram
Mary Peasley ( Ingram )
Benjamin Ingram
born 00/00/1705 in
died 00/00/1789

- - - 
Benjamin Ingram and his sons left eastern Baltimore Co, MD, around 1770 and came to Caswell Co, NC, when it was still a part of Orange Co. Benjamin witnessed the writing of a neighbor's will there in 1772. When the county was officially established in 1777, each taxable resident was charged 2 shillings for funds to build a courthouse, prison, and stocks.
During the Revolutionary War Benjamin and his wife were driven out of their home by the British. He received a land grant of 640 acres on Rattlesnake Creek in 1783, apparently for material assistance to the American Revolution since he was too old to be a soldier. His youngest son Charlton and his grandson John were soldiers in the conflict. Caswell County residents contributed significantly to the war effort, providing supplies and 100 men in the militia.
Benjamin died in 1789 and the courts ordered that his land be equally divided among his three sons, James, John, and Charlton Ingram. Each received 213 1/3 acres. On April 20, 1792, Charlton sold his share to his brother, James. John and James remained in Caswell Co while Charlton and his wife Lucy Womack headed west and settled in Caldwell Co, KY where they had some land grants.

Spouse ~ Susannah Quine
born 1720 in Baltimore Co, Maryland
married 1742
James Ingram, b-1732
      - John Ingram b-1757

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