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Capt. John Langhorne
born 01/01/1640 in Pembrokeshire, England
died 00/00/1687

- - - 
In 1666, John Langhorne, the founder of one of Virginia's best-known families came to Warwick Co, VA with his bride, the former Rebecca Carter. John was a younger son of the wealthy, prominent Laugharne family (later to be known as Langhorne) of St. Brides House, Pembrokeshire. He was a nephew of Gen. Rowland Laugharne, who was the commander of King Charles II's forces in South Wales. Capt. Langhorne became a powerful, influential man with a 2,000 acre plantation in the most densely populated and most civilized and desirable county in Virginia. John traded his tobacco directly with the mother country for a hefty profit, also handling shipments for the smaller planters. By the mid 1670's, he had been appointed with Col. William Byrd I and Maj. Robert Beverley to fortify the three main rivers of Virginia and to oversee the construction and operation of the essential forts. For this he was paid what amounted to 90,000 lbs of tobacco. At a time when most Virginians made their living off about 1000 lbs of tobacco annually, this was an incredible sum. After his success with the York River Fort, John was elected to the House of Burgesses in 1680. He built a famed colonial house overlooking the James River and its 2000 acres. It became known as "Gambell."

Spouse ~ Rebecca Carter
born 1642 in Bristol, England
married 1665
Maurice Langhorne, b-1670
      - John Langhorne b-1695

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