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William Ramsey
b-1710 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Eliza Howell ( Ramsey )
Thomas F. Ramsey, Sr.
born 04/10/1734 in Brunswick, VA
died 04/20/1790

- - - 
Thomas served in the War of Independence as a "Patriot, Soldier, and Surveyor." He took the Oath of Allegiance on Aug. 2, 1777. He and Frances Young had married on July 10, 1762 in Pittsylvania County, VA. In the County Census of 1782, he is listed as head of household of 12 whites and 0 blacks.

He and Frances had 13 children including our ancestor, Susannah Ramsey Cook. The others were Thomas Francis, George M., Woodson, Charity, Isaac (or Isaiah), John, Noten, Lavinia, Anna, William, Betsy, and Sally.

The log cabin in which Thomas supposedly was born is in Pennsylvania today, as Augusta County extended into Pennsylvania at the time of his birth. Family legend has it that Thomas and his two brothers, James and John, rode out of Augusta County in search of their fortune. Thomas first bought land around 1751 near Sydsnorville, VA, where our ancestor, Susannah, was born. In 1763 he bought 200 acres on Snow Creek near Pigg River. On Aug. 3, 1771, Thomas owned 328 acres in Pittsylvania County. The stone house he built there stood from 1763 until 1900. The rocks for the old house were hauled by horse from the quarry on the farm. The blasting marks are said to be still visible at the old White Rock quarry. Someone inadvertently threw a cherry seed out the back door; it sprouted at the back of the house and grew into a tree. Years later it began to crack the walls of the house, and the Ramseys had to move out. It was located on Poplar Branch near Stone Creek and the Pigg River and stood for 137 years.

Spouse ~ Frances Young
born 1740 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
Susannah Ramsey ( Cook ), b-1764
      - Mary Cook (Okes) b-1802

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