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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Alexander E. Irvine
b-1526 in Drum, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Elizabeth Ogilvy

Alexander Irvine
b-1550 in Drum Castle, Aberdeen, Scotland
Elizabeth Keith ( Irvine )
b-1550 in Dunottar Castle
Alexander Erwin Irvine
born 1570 in Drum Castle, Scotland
- - - 
Alexander Erwin Irvine and his wife, Marion Douglas, were wealthy enough to lend money to King James VI. They were benefactors to their local community in many ways. For example, they provided meal for the poor people of nearby Drumoak, and they gave a scholarship of 10,000 pounds to Aberdeen University which still survives today. This laird was responsible for building the Jacobean manor house in 1619 which adjoins the medieval keep of Drum Castle.

Spouse ~ Marion Margaret Douglas
born 1570 in Lochleven Castle
Alexander Irvine, b-1590
      - Alexander Irvine b-1619
      - Robert Erwin Irvine b-1620

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