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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Alexander Erwin Irvine
b-1570 in Drum Castle, Scotland
Marion Margaret Douglas (Irvine)
b-1570 in Lochleven Castle
John Scrimgeour
b-1570 in Dudhope Castle, Dundee
Margaret Seton ( Scrimgrour )
Alexander Irvine
b-1590 in Drum Castle
Magdalene Scrimgeour ( Irvine )
b-1595 in Dudhope Castle
Robert Erwin Irvine
born 00/00/1620 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
died 02/04/1646

- - - 
Robert Irvine was the second son of the 10th Laird of Drum. The Irvines of Drum Castle supported King Charles I, and were royalists surrounded by Covenanters who wanted to destroy the Irvines and their castle. The Irvines owned land in Northern Ireland, so Robert went to Ireland to escape the fierce persecution. He escaped to Glencoe, Ireland, where he married Elizabeth Wylie. In response to the King's call to raise an army, Robert returned to Scotland in 1644. Robert and his brother, the young laird of Drum, rode to battle under two colors, the King's, and the Irvines'. When the war went badly, the two Irvines were put in the infamous dungeons of Tolbooth of Edinburgh. Robert died there and was buried secretly at night. His son, David, whom he might never have seen, carried on the Irvine line in Northern Ireland. The young Laird of Drum was transported back to the Castle from Tolbooth where he lay grieving the death of Robert, his well-beloved brother, "bourne dune by unhappie destiny."

Spouse ~ Elizabeth Wylie
born 1620 in Edinburgh, Scotland
married 1640
David Erwin Irvine, b-1645
      - James Irvine b-1665

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