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Okes-Hanson Family
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John Ware
b-1755 in Orange County
Nancy Talbert ( Ware )
Samuel Henderson
b-1780 in Caswell County, NC
Rhonda Ware ( Henderson )
b-1787 in Caswell County, NC
John Henderson
born 00/00/1805 in North Carolina
died 11/10/1843

- - - 
He was evidently the firstborn son of Samuel and Rhonda who came with them by wagon train to Pike Co, MO, where he met his wife-to-be, Paulina Haymes. He only lived 10 years in Missouri and died at age 38. Their daughter Henrietta also had a short life span, as would Ada Belle Ingram.

Spouse ~ Paulina D. Haymes
born 1818 in Pike County, MO
married 1833
Henrietta Henderson ( Ingram ), b-1834
      - Henry Joseph Ingram b-1861

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