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Samuel Harlow
b-1845 in Virginia
Unknown Runkle ( Harlow )
Julia Ann Harlow, (Ingram)
born 08/18/1872 in Pike County, MO
died 03/06/1921

- - - 
Henry Joseph and Julia Ann married when he was 28 and she was only 16 years old. She was baptized in 1903 at Mt. Zion Church in Pike County, MO, at the age of 31. She had seven children before she died in her 49th year. Our Ada Belle, at age 13, was the youngest. Ada Belle, herself would die early in her 45th year and also leave a young daughter, Frances May, age 13.

Julia appears in the Pike County census of 1880, Roll T9709. Her father, Samuel Harlow, may have been born in Virginia. Her mother's last name was Runkle.

Spouse ~ Henry Joseph Ingram
born 1861 in Pike County, MO
married 1889
Ada Belle Ingram ( Perkins ), b-1907
      - Mary Etta Perkins (Edwards) b-1925
      - Cecil Ernest Perkins b-1927
      - Everett Dannie Perkins b-1929
      - Dolories Perkins (Besterfeldt) b-1934
      - Frances May Perkins (Shade) b-1940

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