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George Albert Perkins
born 00/00/1832 in Washington County, PA
died 00/00/1893

- - - 
George Albert Perkins served in Company D, 118th Illinois Infantry, during the Civil War. He enlisted in response to Pres. Lincoln's call in July, 1862, probably in Quincy, IL, across the Mississippi River from his MO home. On December 25, he and his fellow soldiers embarked on the steamer "Northerner" with forces under General Sherman for Vicksburg, Mississippi. They joined in the attack upon Chickasaw Bluff, from 26th of December to January 2, 1863. From here they proceeded with the force under General McClernand to Arkansas Post, AR, and took part in the two days fight January 10 and 11, which resulted in the capture of the fort and some 6,000 prisoners. They later returned to the siege of Vicksburg under Grant's command,where they suffered heavy losses. However, in the battle of Black River Bridge, a whole rebel regiment was captured by, and surrendered to Company D. During their sustained campaign in Louisiana, the regiment was without tents for six months, enduring in rain, mud, and winter snows. At one perilous time, Company D, with Captain Brown commanding, were entirely surrounded by rebels, but cut their way out in hand to hand fighting. At war's end, the 118th had traveled 5700 miles by railroad, boat, and on foot. Out of 1103 men in the regiment, there were 528 casualties (disabling wounds and deaths). George Albert Perkins lived 30 years after the Vicksburg campaign, dying in 1893 in Pike Co., MO. He is buried in a beautiful, well-tended country cemetery near Louisiana, MO, with his war service to the USA in the 118th Illinois Regiment still clearly delineated on his tombstone.

Family lore says that Albert had two brothers, one killed in a windmill accident. The surviving brother was named John. There was also a half-sister, Elsie Harrison.

Spouse ~ Sarah Jo Amanda Carr
born 1861 in Pike County, MO
married 1878
Henry Garfield Perkins, b-1881
      - David Jackson Perkins b-1905

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