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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Claude LeMaistre
b-1575 in Paris, France

John LeMaistre
b-1617 in Dervel, Brittany, France
Sarah Unknown ( LeMaistre )
b-1620 in Brittany
Abraham LeMaistre
born 00/00/1639 in Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands
died 12/06/1722

- - - 
Abraham came to America as an indentured servant of John Smith and settled in what is present day Charles County, Maryland. In his sworn statement, June 27, 1720, he claimed he was 81 years old, born in "the Old Jerseys, Ste. Marie Parish, Channel Islands." His parents were John and Sarah LeMaistre of Brittany, France. Since he is said to be listed with the Protestant Huguenots of North America, his parents may have fled to the Island to escape French religious persecution. The Island adopted the Protestant religion during that time period. However, his childhood on Jersey was spent under chaotic and austere conditions, because England was being torn apart by Civil War, and Jersey was as bitterly divided as England, Scotland, and Ireland. The Islanders were in sympathy with Parliament, but the ruling family, the de Carterets held the island for King Charles. De Carteret was later rewarded with a large grant of land in the American colonies which he promptly named "New Jersey." Abraham is thought to be the patriarch of all the LeMaster families (spelled many different ways) in America. After completing his service, he claimed 50 acres of land in Maryland under Lord Baltimore's provisions. He was assigned an acreage called "Lanternun," but the lord of the manor wanted that particular property. The land Abraham received in exchange was known as "George's Rest" in St. Mary County, Maryland. He registered his cattle mark, "cropt and holed in right ear." The brand was "fleur de lys." Tradition says that Abraham and his descendants were mostly "big, burly lumberjack types." He was a farmer, tobacco planter, and carpenter who, even in those hard times, lived to the ripe old age of 83. His wife is believed to be Alice Elizabeth Cooksey, and the land he owned at the time of his death was named "Betty's Delight." It bordered low marshy land known as Zekiah Swamp. He had purchased it in November 1685. He and his wife had two sons and three daughters. At the time of his death, he was rich in real estate which he bequeathed to his children.

Spouse ~ Alice Elizabeth Cooksey
born 1640
Richard LeMaster, b-1670
      - John LeMaster b-1697

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