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Okes-Hanson Family
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John Hawkins
b-1450 in Tavistock, Devon
Joan Amados ( Hawkins )
b-1465 in Launceton, Devon
John Drake
b-1490 in Crowndale, Tavistock, Devon
Margery Hawkins ( Drake )
b-1495 in Plymouth, Devonshire
Rev. Edmund Drake
born 00/00/1518 in Crowndale, Devonshire
died 00/00/1585

- - - 
Sir Francis Drake was born to Edmund and Mary in a cottage on the Crowndale estate of Lord Russell. Francois Russell, the Lord's eldest son, stood godfather to Francis Drake at his christening. Edmund Drake was an ardent lay preacher of the Protestant Reformation, called "a Hot Gospeller." It was Edmund's dedication to the Reformed Church which finally forced him and his family to leave their home near Tavistock where, for centuries, the old Abbey had been the soul of country life. Along with many other Protestants they made their way to Plymouth, which, like most seaports, was better disposed to new and liberal thought.Tradition says that it was the Island of St. Nicholas out in Plymouth Sound where the Protestant refugees went for shelter. This was later called, in Edmund's honor, Drake Island. The Drakes then fled to Kent, because the eastern coast of England was the home of Protestantism. In Kent Edmund, his wife, and children made their home in one of the old naval hulks. During the reign of Edward VI, Edmund Drake secured his position as a preacher in the Fleet. The sailors of England were a bulwark of Protestantism during the years of religious strife. Later, Edmund was appointed Vicar of Upchurch.
In his will, Edmund Drake adjured his sons to "make much of the Bible." Edmund and Mary had twelve sons, including Francis.

Spouse ~ Mary Mylwaye
born 1520
married ????
Sir Francis Drake, b-1545
Thomas Drake, b-1556
      - Sir Francis Drake b-1588

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