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 David Arnold
b-1694 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT
Sarah Tyler (Arnold)
b-1697 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT

James Arnold
b-1735 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT
Mary Brainerd ( Arnold )
b-1737 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT
Levi Arnold
born 1763 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT
- - - 
Although early information led us in the direction of the Connecticut Arnolds, we might be dealing with a different Levi Arnold in Henry Co, KY. He is the father of Mary Arnold and Rebekah Arnold. who both married Starks. Benjamin Franklin Stark wed Mary Arnold in 1804, and Daniel Stark had wed Rebeckah Arnold in 1800. Legal papers show that Levi certified that Rebeckah Arnold was "of lawful age" in 1800 for her marriage. Elijah was the younger brother of Mary and Rebeckah, and both couples had sons they named Elijah Arnold Stark.
The parents of Connecticut's Levi Arnold moved to Vermont, and so he may have come to Kentucky on his own. We will never know for sure, unless through DNA tests someday. The Connecticut Arnold line is a long and fascinating one linked with history in several unusual ways.

Spouse ~ Martha Patsy
born 1763
Mary Ann Arnold ( Stark ), b-1784
      - Mariah Stark (Kimberlin) b-1809

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