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Okes-Hanson Family
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 William Stark, Jr.
b-1689 in New London, Connecticut
Experience Lamb (Stark)
b-1693 in Groton, CT
Joseph Lacock
b-1696 in Trenton, NJ
Sarah Moore ( Lacock )
b-1698 in Trenton, NJ
Jonathan Stark
b-1712 in Groton, Connecticut
Sarah Lacock ( Stark )
b-1720 in New Jersey
John Stark
born 00/00/1754 in Sussex Co New Jersey
died 09/00/1841

- - - 
John was the youngest of the six Stark brothers, (sons of Jonathan and Sarah Lacock Stark), who, as early as 1784, had settled on Forman's Creek in Nelson County, Kentucky. Jonathan, Jr., a Baptist preacher, and Joseph, James, Daniel, Christopher, and John, who served in the military, owned large tracts of land near one another in Kentucky. Before that, they lived in Washington Co, PA where the older brothers were Rangers, fighting in Lord Dunmore's War and receiving their pay at Fort Pitt. In 1781-1783 John was a Revolutionary War soldier in Capt. Abner Howell's Company, 4th Battalion, Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia commanded by Lt. Col. William Crawford. The Starks eventually moved into Southern Indiana because they did not find slavery acceptable. (It was legal in Kentucky.) John took his family into Scott County, Indiana. His will named his 8 children. His first-born was our ancestor, Benjamin Stark, 1783. The others were: John Stark, Jr., 1785; Mary, 1787; Henry, 1791; Joseph Leonard, 1794; Edith "Eddy", 1799; Luther, 1804; and Thomas, 1805.

DNA studies of the male Y chromosome prove unquestionably that these six brothers are direct descendants of Aaron Stark, the first Stark in America. Their father,Jonathan, was Aaron's great grandson, who left Connecticut for religious reasons, settling on Schooley's Mountain in Sussex Co, NJ, where his children were born.

Spouse ~ Elizabeth Eddy
born 1759 in Washington Co PA
married 1780
Benjamin Franklin Stark, b-1783
      - Mariah Stark (Kimberlin) b-1809

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