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Johan Jacob Peter Kimberlin
born 00/00/1713 in Baden, Germany
died 00/00/1786

- - - 
We have a record of Peter and Sarah's marriage in Hampshire County, VA, in 1746. Many years later, in 1782, he was recognized as a patriot who supplied corn for the Revolutionary Army and paid taxes in Botetourt County, Virginia. There is a strong tradition in the Kimberlin family, related through John, Jacob, and Joel T. Kimberlin that their family had come to America from Baden, Germany. In records of the times, "Kimberlin" was sometimes written as Cimberline, Kinberlin, Kummerling, Kumbirland, or Cumberland.

A man named Jacob Kimberlin was killed by Indians on Kimberlin Creek at a New River settlement Oct. 11, 1763. Records show that he was born in Wurttemberg,(Baden)Germany in 1721, so he was eight years younger than Peter. They surely were kin--cousins or brothers? Peter's wife's parents, the Clendennins, were killed by Indians in the same area just two months earlier in 1763 (the last year of the French-Indian War). Botetourt Co, where Peter lived in 1782 was established from the southern portion of Augusta Co where the deaths from Indian attacks had occurred.

Spouse ~ Sarah Clendennin
born 1728 in Hampshire Co, VA
married 1746
John Kimberlin, b-1751
      - Jacob J. Kimberlin b-1800

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