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Okes-Hanson Family
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Matthew Watson
b-1730 in Virginia
Elizabeth Mills ( Watson )
b-1730 in Virginia
Anna Watson, (Jude)
born 09/17/1754 in Virginia
died 00/00/1816

- - - 
George Jude, Sr., and Anna married January 15, 1772 in Charlotte Co, VA. They had five children: Mary Ann, George, Jr., born 14 Dec. 1786, Sarah (Mrs. John Phillips), Betsey Mills (Mrs. Samuel Jordan) and Lucy (Mrs. Matthew Weaver). George, Sr's plantation home later became known as "the Weaver place" on Blue Springs Road near Huntsville, Alabama.

Spouse ~ George Jude
born 1746 in Virginia
married 1772
Mary Ann Jude ( Douglass ), b-1774
      - Lucy James Douglass (Strong) b-1811

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