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John Jude
b-1708 in Virginia
Mary Hughes ( Jude )
b-1719 in Virginia
George Jude, Sr.
born 08/15/1746 in Virginia
died 12/13/1818

- - - 
George Jude, Sr., began his life in Virginia. He and Anna Watson married Jan. 15, 1772, in Charlotte County. He was a Revolutionary War soldier, enlisting at age 30 in the 1st Virginia Regiment. This unit, originally commanded by Washington in the French and Indian Wars, saw action in 9 major battles in 6 years. Jude was with the unit when it crossed the Delaware with Gen. Washington on the successful attack on Trenton, NJ, and the victory at Princeton. He was with the Continental Army at Valley Forge the bitter winter of 77-78. Washington wrote of his soldiers at Valley Forge, "Naked and starving as they are, we cannot enough admire their incomparable patience and fidelity."

After the war, George purchased 606 acres in Campbell Co, VA, on both sides of Little Falling River, but then received a land grant in the Alabama Territory for his Revolutionary War service. He moved to Madison County with his son and four daughters and their marriage partners. This included our ancestor, Mary Ann Jude, and her husband,Edward Douglass. George died in Madison County before Alabama became a state. A picture of his grave marker at Jude Cemetery can be seen online. The George Jude house at 2132 Winchester Road, Huntsville, Alabama, is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is considered notable because much later it was owned by a former slave of the Strong family.

Spouse ~ Anna Watson
born 1754 in Virginia
married 1772
Mary Ann Jude ( Douglass ), b-1774
      - Lucy James Douglass (Strong) b-1811

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