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Okes-Hanson Family
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 John Strong
b-1675 in New Kent, VA
Martha Sherwood (Strong)
b-1675 in Virginia

John Strong, Jr.
b-1698 in St., Peter's, New Kent, VA
Mary Martin ( Strong )
Nathaniel Strong
born 00/00/1744 in Hanover County, Virginia
died 00/00/1823

- - - 
Nathaniel Strong came to Alabama from Virginia with his four sons and five daughters in 1816 and bought large tracts of land 8 miles northeast of Huntsville on Flint River where he built his home. This home was still in good condition in 1929. His sons were George (our ancestor), John, Thomas, and Nathan, Jr. His daughters were: Anna, Elizabeth (Betsey), Rachel, Mary (Molly) and Susannah. All his children had been born in Goochland CO, Virginia. In his will, he cut out his firstborn, George, leaving him $1.00. George and his sister Rachel's husband, Abraham Loving, contested the will which left all the lands, after their mother's death, to two of the nine children, 3rd son Thomas and 4th daughter, Susannah.

Spouse ~ Catherine "Caty" Callahan
born 1754 in Virginia
married 1772
George Strong, b-1773
      - Robert Strong b-1802

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