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Abraham Cook

Harmon Cook (Koch), Sr.
born 01/20/1729 in Pennsylvania
died 05/10/1810

- - - 
Harmon Cook (Koch), Sr., married Mary Agness Turk in Lancaster, PA in 1750--Lancaster was laid out in 1734--and their children were born there. Lancaster is where the Conestoga Wagon was developed and built. Harmon Cook is known as "The Colonizer" because he purchased large tracts of land on Tomahawk Creek and Pigg River--thousands of acres--and led wagon trains of settlers from Pennsylvania on the old road down the Shenandoah Valley to what would be Pittsylvania County, VA. Harmon took the Oath of Allegiance as a Patriot and served on a jury. His homestead still stands near Gretna, VA, and is preserved in remarkable condition. It may be viewed online.

Spouse ~ Mary Agness Turk
born 1732 in Lancaster, PA
married 1750
Harmon Cook, Jr., b-1765
      - Mary Cook (Okes) b-1802

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