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Okes-Hanson Family
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 John Oakes, Sr.
b-1640 in England
Hannah Ford (Oakes)

John Oakes, Jr.
b-1670 in York County, VA
Rachel Rawlings ( Oakes )
b-1681 in Caroline Co, Virginia
William Oakes
born 00/00/1715 in King William County, Virginia
died 00/00/1765

- - - 
Records indicate that William was a Virginia planter. His brothers Charles and Thomas lived near him in Orange County, based on the census report. His 400 acres (purchased in 1741 with Daniel Singleton)were on Mine Run near Charles. They included woods, marshes, and meadows where deer fed, rivers and water courses, and he had the privileges of hunting, hawking, fishing, fowling, etc. We do not have his wife's name, but they had two sons, William born 1753, and Daniel, born 1757,who is our direct ancestor. We wonder if his partner in ownership of the land, Daniel Singleton, was the father or brother of his wife, and surmise that our ancestor Daniel was named for Singleton. In 1744 he sold his half of the plantation and moved back to King William County where he lived the rest of his life.

Daniel Oakes, b-1757
      - Jesse Okes b-1788

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