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Okes-Hanson Family
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George Clendennin

Johan Jacob Peter Kimberlin
b-1713 in Baden, Germany
Sarah Clendennin ( Kimberlin )
b-1728 in Hampshire Co, VA
John Kimberlin
born 06/02/1751 in Hampshire County, Virginia
died 00/00/1834

- - - 
John Kimberlin was a second lieutenant with the Bedford Co, PA, militia in the Revolutionary War. He is honored as the first white settler of Scott County, Indiana, claiming forest land he had purchased for $1500 in April, 1805. His blockhouse became a place of refuge during the War of 1812 after the Pigeon Roost Massacre. His story has been researched and described in detail.
The report, by Gloria Okes Perkins, is available here as a pdf document.
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Spouse ~ Ruth Jones
born 1758 in Hampshire County, Virginia
married 1777
Jacob J. Kimberlin, b-1800
      - Joel Thompson Kimberlin b-1849

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