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Nimrod House
born 00/00/1766 in
died 01/00/1829

- - - 
Nimrod House is found in the Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina during the American Revolution. 1780-1781. He served in Capt. Wood's Horse in Col. Malmedy's Regiment, riding a "public mare." (Listed next to him is Benjamin House, who might have been his brother.) Col. Malmedy praised "this deserving company" and recommended Capt. Wood as a "orderly and spirited officer."
Nimrod appears at an estate sale in NC in 1782. He is in the Pendleton SC census of 1790 with a wife and two sons under 16.
Twenty years later,in 1810, he is in Elizabethtown, Hardin CO, KY with his wife and 11 children under 16. He and family came to Missouri by 1819, arriving in Pike County on a Mississippi River keelboat.
His Pike County will was dated April 14, 1825, and filed Feb. 3, 1829. It was disputed in the County Court, October 1829 because of Nimrod House's "mental imbecility," claiming him "wholly incapable of making or executing a will and incapable of attending to the management of his own business." The court was asked to adjudge the will "wholly invalid and of no effect" and that all of Nimrod's children or their heirs be given justice.
In the 1970's the House farm and family graveyard were searched, but no stone was found for Nimrod House. It was thought he could have been buried down near the farmhouse, as there was a great mound of rocks there. Up on the hill were a number of graves with stones for markers, presumed to be for slaves. Nimrod's younger son, Fielding Gatewood House, was buried in the family cemetery with a note saying that he died " March 8, 1857, aged 42 yrs, 5 days."

Spouse ~ Ruth Unknown
born 1770
Catherine "Kitty" House ( Irvine ), b-1806
      - Elizabeth Irvine (Hanson) b-1845

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